What does the future of construction look like? In any case, it is faster, more economical, and more sustainable. New technologies and digital services need to aim at these objectives, because the challenges are great. Ongoing urbanisation in large parts of the world, scarcity of resources, climate change, and the ever-increasing shortage of skilled workers call for new solutions in the construction industry. Three-dimensional concrete printing from Umdasch Group Ventures is an important answer to the new challenges. Complex structures can be printed directly at the construction site using 3D concrete printing, reducing costs and the need for personnel while increasing quality and the variety of designs. In this automated and additive method of concrete part production, the concrete parts are imported directly from the digital part model into the printing software, and then produced using a 3D printer. This method is free of errors, precise, rapid, and sustainable.


Construction with 3D concrete printing: faster, more economical, more sustainable.

Umdasch Group Ventures has taken 3D construction printing to a new level through 3D concrete printing (3DCP). The key elements to successful 3DCP are design, mixing, and technology. 3D modelling and simulation can be used to create attractive, functional, flexible structures designed to reduce the consumption of materials. The concrete parts are printed using the honeycomb principle. Using 3DCP allows you to take advantage of using your own mix of local materials, produced in real time. The advantage of doing so is that, unlike with ready-mixes, whose properties can only be adjusted by adding water, material properties of 3DCP mixes can be better controlled and costs can be made more economical. The innovative technology behind 3DCP can be used at a local construction site and ported to another – economically, rapidly, and without any formwork at all. 3D concrete printing by Umdasch Group Ventures sets new standards in design, mixing, and construction methods for efficiently producing concrete components for buildings of all kinds. The results are greater sustainability, a more efficient, state-of-the-art construction process and cycle, and significant savings of materials and time.

3D concrete printing: technology of the future.

As a technology provider, we combine 3DCP with digital solutions throughout the entire construction process. This new construction technology represents the shortest entirely digital process, ranging from design to production. To keep the concrete printing with 3DCP economical for future requirements, our international concrete technology centre of competence Concrefy is constantly further developing our 3DCP technology.

Construct more efficiently using 3D concrete printing

Save time
Standardised processes and procedures save you time and effort. We offer a completely digital process from design to production.

Save CO2
Save up to 60% of materials and shorten construction times. 3DCP contributes greatly to reducing the carbon footprint of your construction project.

Reduce costs
Reduce costs substantially by using your own concrete mixes and only two operators to easily operate the 3D concrete printer, including batcher and mixer.

Benefits and features of 3D concrete printing:

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Would you like to know more about our 3D technology and the possibilities of 3D construction printing for your construction projects? Then just email us. Our 3D construction printing experts Johann Peneder or Toine van Casteren would be pleased to assist and advise you.

Get started in the future of construction with 3D concrete printing and our all-round support.

Service & Support

We not only deliver a unique technology, but also ensure its successful implementation from the start. We structure the process of constructing your planned construction project, offering you our expertise and experience as a technology and implementation partner.

Selection & Technology

We advise you on how to choose the right construction technology for you and your project:

  • 3DCP versus formwork/precast/etc.
  • Project-related advantages and disadvantages of 3DCP
  • Creating a plan to achieve higher quality and sustainability along with more efficient use of energy
  • Status on certification per project and country

Consulting & Design

We advise you on how to reach the optimum design for your needs:

  • Empirical values for the design (wall thickness, strength, radii, overhangs, 3D shapes)
  • Printing areas and printing heights

Project Planning & Optimisation

  • We support you to plan your project and optimise your planned project.
  • We provide a 3D concrete printer including optimal mix design.
  • We provide complete logistics services.
  • We help you choose the optimal materials (local raw materials).
  • Printer-controlled quality enhancement, increases in efficiency, and cost reductions
  • Training and complete services (including disposing of the washing material)

3D Concrete Printing at bauma 2022

Umdasch Group Ventures: the factory of the future.

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