Out of the box is our normality. We bring together experienced retail strategists and creative minds to make retail and the construction industry fit for the future. We analyze future trends, research the latest technologies for retail and develop new business models to create unique and inspiring (shopping) experiences for consumers. Find out more about our current developments SiteLight and Virtual Spaces as well as the self-checkout solutions of our subsidiary shopreme.


SiteLight is the digital technology that transforms construction sites into shining Digital-Out-Of-Home (DOOH) advertising spaces.

Real estate investors and developers use it for their marketing and communication or generate additional revenue by selling airtime during the construction phase.

Let‘s make your construction site shine!

Virtual Spaces

Use virtual spaces to showcase and market your products and services. We create walk-through virtual reality tours of stores, showrooms and buildings, interactive with information (text, photos, videos, links, etc.) and functions (shopping, chats, etc.). We also master various technologies to capture existing spaces (360° photography, 3D scans), but also to design only virtual spaces (3D models). Find out more about virtual spaces!

Discover the strength of your brand in the metaverse! Use virtual marketing for an extended customer journey. Virtual shopping, customer events, gamification and much more offer limitless possibilities. Get your free whitepaper!


shopreme is a successful Umdasch Group Ventures investment and one of the leading providers of Scan & Go solutions. Customers scan the products with their smartphone while shopping and pay directly in the app – without having to queue at the checkout. Shopreme offers additional features for the perfect shopping experience, such as shopping lists, product information, recommendations and much more. Solutions from shopreme are already in use at Billa, ALDI Nord, Penny, Rossmann, Douglas, Mömax and Möbelix. Find out more: www.shopreme.com

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