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Every year, the construction industry creates a huge amount of new residential and commercial space worldwide. The problem is that it wastes enormous resources in the process. Besides, the industry produces about 55 percent of the waste in Germany alone. In view of these immense sums, the real estate industry must ask itself what measures it can take in the future to work sustainably, but above all in a way that protects the climate and conserves resources. The answer to this question is quickly found: with the help of a functioning circular economy. The lecture outlines the long-term and owner-independent documentation of materials and components in a material cadastre. In this way, buildings become material banks, primary resources are saved and CO2 emissions are significantly reduced.

Dr. Patrick Bergmann, Managing Director, Madaster Germany GmbH

Dr. Patrick Bergmann has been Managing Director of Madaster Germany GmbH since 2020. He has been working on sustainable construction and circular real estate for about 10 years. In 2018, he wrote his dissertation on “Life Cyle Management in the Built Environment” at the Technical University of Dresden. Afterwards, he worked in real estate and business valuation at PwC in Berlin and Brussels.

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