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In his keynote, Domagoj Dolinsek will describe the evolution of PropTech’s PlanRadar: from its beginnings as a small team to the leading digital platform for task management, communication and reporting in construction and real estate projects. The vision behind it: PlanRadar will become the world’s leading logbook in the entire lifecycle of a property for all project participants.

(Presentation in German language only)

Domagoj Dolinsek has many years of experience in the planning and construction management of major international projects. As a proven expert in the industry, he knows the challenges and requirements of the construction and real estate industry.

Based on his own need to simplify project documentation and communication of project participants in construction with a cloud-based application, the entrepreneur laid the foundation for the development of PlanRadar in 2012. Domagoj is constantly working on innovative solutions for strategically important key accounts to improve efficiency in the construction and real estate business.

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