Umdasch Group Ventures presents innovative construction solutions

We will be presenting nothing less than the future of construction with our companies and strategic investments at bauma 2022. Our goal: to make construction projects and construction sites safe, modern and efficient so that all the requirements of today and tomorrow can already be realised in an environmentally friendly and economical manner. Our focus: digitalisation, automation and standardisation along the construction processes.

At bauma 2022, we will not only present the solutions of our companies and participations, but also our own innovative developments. This will enable us to demonstrate the possibilities of automation and modularisation on the construction site as well as digitalisation and data management in construction.

3D construction printing as a sustainable, economical and efficient construction method

With 3D construction printing, Umdasch Group Ventures is working on an economical alternative to conventional construction methods. Material is only used when necessary for structural reasons. The use of locally available raw materials makes this method more sustainable, more economical and at the same time more resource-efficient. This is also made possible by a new mobile mixing and dosing unit, which produces the printing material (printing ink) directly at the construction site. Easy transport and maximum mobility allow the printer to be used immediately and universally. Fast and uncomplicated handling as well as easy cleaning enable versatile applications on the construction site.

New construction progress tracking using 3D computer vision system

Computer vision systems for the recognition of persons or objects or als well as cameras with AI are no longer novelties. In the 3D Computer Vision System of Umdasch Group Ventures, the supplementary information of the spatial position is novel and innovative. The AI recognises people and objects on the construction site. The computer vision system also determines their spatial position and thus the construction progress or the shell construction processes.  The elevated position, e.g. on the construction site crane, provides a perfect view of the construction site during shell construction. Persons are anonymised by the AI and public areas are hidden in compliance with data protection regulations. The exciting thing: The site manager receives the information on the construction progress almost in real time directly in the digital 3D building model. The construction progress control is currently in the beta phase, in which the AI is still being optimised and trained.

Who are we?

We are the technology driver for new disruptive solutions and business models within the Umdasch Group. We invest in young companies and mature start-ups that offer potentially disruptive business models and/or unique technologies/services in the construction and retail sectors. As an Innovation Hub, we aim to further develop the content of market-ready business models from our own development as well as strategic investments, to establish them on the market and to push market growth.

We look forward to welcoming you at this year’s bauma.

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